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It Pays to be Different

Greetings, my name is Chadwick, or Chad, whichever you prefer. I am one of the founding members of this blog and a recent college graduate in the field of Engineering. School and life have taught me a few things, and what they have taught me is that is pays to be be different, or at the least to follow your own path. This is somewhat of a rant but mostly an opinion of mine that goes much farther and deeper than the automotive scene. It is regarding the current state of the Automotive Performance Enthusiast scene in the US (and a little in other countries now also it seems). Not to rain on someone's parade, but I think we are lacking in the car scene these days when it comes to being unique. For example, I think that the LS Engine is a godsend. Being a fan of anything made in our country, I think that this engine architecture is a game changer, and that has shown to be true for the last 5 years plus as a fact. This brings me to my point of frustration. Why does everyone use the LS motor as their engine of choice? It is simple, light, cheap, reliable, blah blah blah. What I am trying to say is that most people’s goals can be reached via a different path than that one. I myself have a Toyota Tacoma and I really want for it to be an all-around high speed off road monster. I could do an LS swap but make it unique in my own way, or I could use a more modern engine from general motors or even Toyota (Turbo a 2005-2014 Tacoma 2.7L aka 2TR-FE, or the 4.0L aka 1GR-FE?) and get similar results for a similar cost and still have around the same amount money spent. Why not choose the different path, and see what happens? All in all, I am proud to see all of the different projects going around the net (Dirt Every Day, Roadkill, Mighty Car Mods all good places to check out) but it is time for people to change it up. Be radically different, and radically good. Decide that different is good, and that the challenge will be a great adventure. Everyone has the capability and they should follow what they want to do even if it is different. Those ideas that come from nowhere in your head are usually killer, don't take them lightly. Write them down and research them a little. With your newfound knowledge and a little patience, that crazy idea can become reality. A reality not for more money necessarily but only a little more work. That extra work will turn into invaluable learning. This is why I believe it is more important to have that strength of character to spend a little extra cash or time on the build rather than to get it done the easy way and be internally dissatisfied or externally disingenuous. An Automotive Performance Enthusiast, or an A.P.E. is someone excited to be in the automotive world for whatever reason. Throw your ideas out there whether they are feces or not and GET IT. We will be here to help if we can or to encourage you otherwise. 

Put your Trypants on.